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Welcome to I Luv Classic Movies, your #1 website in finding all of your favorite classics from the past hitting right in front of your computer screen!  Here at I Luv Classic Movies, we pride ourselves in being one of the best classic movies websites on the internet. Here you will be able to find movies from the past that will bring back even your fond old childhood memories with such titles as the three stooges, the good the bad and the ugly, and many more! Not only do we have old classic movies here on our website, but we also carry your favorite old classic tv shows as well.

You will find that often times it can be difficult finding the classic movies that you love, and here on I Luv Classic Movies you will be able to find virtually everything you are looking for!  We have created one of the most comprehensive databases for everything classic movies and more here on our website. We have all of your favorite John Wayne movies down to the favorite titles of whose on first and your other favorites such as bonanza and more! There are movies that you just can’t find anymore and not aired on TV, but here at I Luv Classic Movies we will reunite you with the oldies and goodies from the past.

I Luv Classic Movies is glad to bring you all of your favorite movies and tv shows from back when you were once a kid, and back to the good ol’ days.  Sometimes we all need a little reminder of where the good movies all came from, and the roots of film making.  Classic movies from the 1950s and older have become a true vintage collection in our hearts and are truly also a great way to see how far the film industry has become.  There are way too many distractions in today’s world and often times we just need some time to rewind back and go back to our roots where old classic traditions are just a few clicks of a button away.

Here at I Luv Classic Movies we take your visit personally and would like to thank you for being a visitor of our website. There have been many times where we often look back and wonder how we can go back to the past, and now we can! We would like to thank you for visiting I Luv Classic Movies and encourage you to share our website with your friends and family who might also enjoy our website!  We have also created a community of many classic movie fans here on our website which you can join by using the link below :

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